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Motivating People to Speak the Truth, Mindfully

by Kathirasan K

During one of my lectures last week, a student arrived late. I enquired of the reason for being late as he would be penalised for it if it was unjustified. He told me that he woke up late and that that was the sole reason. And further with a smile he told me that it was the truth and that he did not wish to lie about it. That brought an immediate smile on my face and I thanked him for being honest.

I often questioned the motivations for people to speak the truth and also for not doing so. I hold a great value for truth because 'truth reports facts and perceptions as the mind sees it to be'. So in the heart of truth, there is knowledge. It is all about expressing what is known to us. The motivations for not reporting what is perceived or seen by the mind (which are called lies) could be due to fear, insecurity or wanting to please the other person.

Truth reports facts and perceptions as the mind sees it to be.

Staffs and colleagues in your team may also feel the same way whenever they want to tell you the truth. So it is indeed very important that we create a non-judgemental space where people can speak the truth without any inhibitions. And by doing so we gain more knowledge. And in that space both the speaker and the listener(s) silently contribute to a culture that values knowledge.

This could also happen in our relationships, where we do not want a significant other to judge us. And to avoid being judged, we prefer not to speak what is in our mind. So the next time you hear the question "Honey, how do I look in this dress?" I hope you know what to say.

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