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We deliver Mindfulness as neuroscience and evidence-based practices to industries, schools and individuals through training, research and education. We enable individuals to BE and enhance wellbeing, quality of life and performance.

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Globally Accredited Mindfulness Training Provider

The Centre for Mindfulness India, established in 2015 in Singapore, is a one stop centre for mindfulness training. The Centre is an organisational member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA) and a globally accredited Mindfulness Training Provider that provides mindfulness training for Individuals, Corporates and Schools.


The unique strength of the Centre lies in bringing the best of Indic and Western perspectives of Mindfulness. The programmes offered are secular and adopt evidence-based approaches whilst respecting the deep roots of Mindfulness. We offer a full range of mindfulness courses, events and talks. We also offer bespoke courses and consulting for organisations to ensure that their developmental needs are met and also support them in sustaining practice.

Awareness Space App

Mindfulness on your Mobile Application

Awareness Space is a free app created by us for people who are interested to practice evidence-based secular mindfulness. It features audio guide tracks and videos that help you to practice mindfulness.