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Suited best for mothers, fathers, grandparents, caregivers, guardians of children 4 - 18 yrs old, however open to all folks who want to connect and gain deeper understanding of their children/grandchildren and enhance the well-being of their families. No prior mindfulness experience required.


Parenting is one of the most intensely satisfying yet most stressful and  frustrating jobs on the planet. While its joys are unmatched, so are  its demands. It is forever evolving, forever challenging and a non-stop  cascade of emotions.

As parents, we are indeed the primary  influencing authority in our children’s lives. We all want the best for  our children and want to be the best parent, but despite our best  intentions, it often becomes a war zone. Life’s demands, fast pace and  multiple responsibilities not only hinder our best intentions but often  also sap the joys of parenting, leaving us drained, exhausted and  bitter. In spite of all the love, efforts, sacrifices and tears, we  often carry the burden of guilt, anxiety and/or feeling inadequate and  incompetent as parents. You know that yelling is not the answer, you  know you are not being the best role model when you lash out at your  child, but often that’s all you have left.

Our Mindful parenting  workshops are designed to show that there is light at the end of the  tunnel. They are highly interactive & experiential and include  teachings, mindfulness practices, group activities, discussions and  reflections and practical strategies which can be easily integrated in  daily lives to make parenting more joyful, satisfying and effective.  These will guide you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your  child, learn the art of being fully present with your children to see  them more clearly beyond the surface appearances and behaviours and meet  their needs skillfully and compassionately and at the same time take  care of yourselves. You will be introduced to the foundation of  mindfulness and mindful parenting techniques to empower you to wake up  to and tap into your own inherent capacities to manage stress, regulate  emotions, handle crises, choose your responses and show up in an  authentic way to enhance not only your own wellbeing but also transform  the mindset and wellbeing of your children and other family members.

Using  an evidence-based approach, you will also be introduced to the workings  of the brain and the influential role of parents and neuroplasticity on  the development of the child’s brain such that he/she can grow up into a  resilient and compassionate adult. Additionally, participants also get  an insight into the value and impact of mindful communication, setting  limits, inculcating discipline, guiding children to problem solve and  repairing past wounds along with an opportunity to practice parenting  techniques to address all of these.

Key themes that will be covered:
- Intention vs Impact
- Automatic vs Intentional parenting (Conscious vs Unconscious Parenting)
- Responding vs Reacting
- Nurturing the Childs’s Brain
- Mindful communication
- Connecting over Conflict
- Culture of Compassion and Sovereignty



These workshops will help parents to:
- Enhance awareness and understanding of our own and child’s emotions and thoughts.
- Recognise automatic behaviors, unhealthy habits, parenting biases and conditioning.
- Respond vs. React to parenting stress/triggers/conflict sitations with chidren.
- Improve emotional regulation during conflicts
- Cultivate empathy and compassion for themselves and for their child.
- Improve abiity to Listen, understand and communicate
- Better manage stressors and tame their impact
- Connect with their children over conflicts
- Raise kind, compassionate and resilient children
- Create strong, positive and nurturing relationships with children & family
- Enhance their own wellbeing and indirectly the child’s wellbeing
- Easily Integrate mindfulness techniques in their daily life and and implement them when needed during challenging times.

What will the Participants receive?
- Mindful Parent Journal
- Audio files for Mindfulness Practices
- Certificate of completion
- Access to quarterly mindfulness retreats
- Access to parent support group

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