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Sunita Lama

Head (Education), Associate Mindfulness Coach


North-Eastern Hill University

Sunita Lama

Sunita Lama is an associate mindfulness coach. Her journey into this field began in the year 2017 when by a stroke of luck, she came across a link for a month-long mindfulness summit. This allowed her to learn about the works of renowned mindfulness experts such as Jon Kabat Zinn, Tara Brach, Shamash Alidina, Daniel Goleman, and Mark Williams to name a few, and their success stories in their respective fields.

A teacher by profession, she had noticed a gap a disconnect, and a lack of motivation in her students. Any strategy at resolving this concern hadn’t brought a satisfactory outcome.  It was her accidental but profound personal journey into mindfulness that helped her discover the ‘missing link ‘and she hasn’t stopped since. As an educator, she believes in the head and heart synergy. She has done extensive research in the field, designed numerous courses, and delivered to students of various age groups, teachers and parents. She has presented the benefits of implementing mindfulness in education at conferences to bring about awareness. As a coach at the Centre for Mindfulness (India), she sincerely intends to bring her expertise to a wider audience and help make a positive impact.

Sunita comes from the pristine hills of Darjeeling, India. She holds a master’s degree in English Language and Literature from NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya, a PGDTE from CIEFL, India, and CELTA from Cambridge University. She has worked as an IELTS examiner in the British Council, Dubai, and taught for more than ten years at Dubai Women’s College the Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai Women’s College, UAE. At present, she also serves as a coordinator for the English program at the prestigious Dzongsar Chokyi Lodro Institute, a center for advanced Buddhist studies, Himachal Pradesh, India. She is currently MBSR Teacher-in-Training with the Mindful Academy, Solterreno.

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