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Dr. Shambhavi Samir Alve (PhD, CMT-P)

Mindfulness Coach, Mindfulness Connector,


Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India

Janki Devi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, India

Dr. Shambhavi Samir Alve (PhD, CMT-P)

Dr. Shambhavi is a practicing psychotherapist and a Mindfulness coach in India. Her intent and desire to work in the area of mental health and wellness follows a sustainable and systematic approach. She has completed PhD in Psychology and holds an MBA in Human Resources. In her 10 years of practice, which is trauma informed, queer affirmative and deeply rooted in principles of mindfulness, Shambhavi has worked with clients from different ethnic and cultural background. She is also a trained and certified Mindfulness teacher with a strong belief that mental health and wellness is not restricted to mental disorders and there is lot of scope to enhance existing state of well-being.

In the several training modules (which she prefers calling as awakening sessions) facilitated by her, Shambhavi has covered vast areas like mental health awareness, developing positive attitude, work-life balance, gender sensitivity, adolescent wellbeing, stress management, and Internet Dependency/Addiction which also happened to be area of study as a part of PhD research.

Shambhavi’s engagements have ranged from corporate to schools, from Military to NGOs. With a strong passion to restore well-being among fellow citizens, Shambhavi has been involved in community welfare programs during the pandemic as well. She has been a part of COVID Mental Health Awareness Campaign- National Network of Depression Center India Foundation (NNDCIF) and presently she is also the Vice-president of Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (WICCI) National Mental Health Council. In an attempt to take this intent of ‘well-being for all’ ahead, Shambhavi is determined to introduce secular mindfulness practices across all age groups, genders, sexual orientations and cultures.

Shambhavi is also a self learnt resin artist which she considers to be a byproduct of her personal mindfulness practice. The switch to switch from “doing” to “being” mode has led Shambhavi to embrace her creative side; her creations are listed under the brand name Wolf Woman.

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