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Dr. Priya Fafat (CMT-P)



University of Illinois

Lokmanya Tilak Medical Hospital

College of Allied Educators

Dr. Priya Fafat (CMT-P)

Priya's own pursuit of  understanding 'self'’, 'figuring out life', personal experiences and  observations of others' life-challenges have led her to pursue yoga,  mindfulness and counselling psychology. She credits her daily practice  of mindfulness for being an anchor and an emotional regulator which has  made her more self-aware, more responsive than reactive, equanimous,  compassionate and grateful towards the world at-large. She firmly  believes that mindfulness is like taking our minds to the gym for  training and building the mind-muscles for a healthier, fitter mindset,  an inner awareness of the richness of our thoughts and perceptions.

Priya's personal journey has taken her on various career paths in  multiple countries. She started off as an Ophthalmologist, and moved to  public health research, pharmaceutical marketing analytics,  entrepreneurship and business development. This has given her a very  broad-ranging, diverse exposure to human relationships, cultures,  cognitions and behaviours, and an opportunity to interface with a wide  range of audiences - doctors, patients, researchers, students,  corporate, customers and entrepreneurs. She believes strongly that  mindfulness can be adopted and incorporated as a way of life, a  quotidian practice, not only for therapy to ameliorate suffering, but  also as a prophylactic measure for a more enhanced, wholesome, peaceful  way of enjoying life’s grace.

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